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Does Replacing Windows Increase Home Value?

Mar 30, 2023 | Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Wood Windows

When was the last time you thought about your windows and how old they’re getting? have you ever thought, “Does replacing windows increase home value?”

Does Replacing Windows Increase Home Value?

The answer to that question is yes! While there might not be an immediate visual cue to show that you need new windows, windows can make a big difference in your home’s overall look and feel. When replacing your windows, you can consider different styles, frame colors, and frame materials. All of which can give your home a facelift and add equity to your home.

How Much Value Will New Windows Add to Your Home?

There are lots of factors, including where you live and whether you go for a midrange or upscale variety, that impact how much windows cost and what you’ll recoup from your spending. However, this is what the straight-up data says when we want to figure out the “Does replacing windows increase home value?” question.

The average cost to replace all of the windows of a house is $12,000. Based on that average, you’ll likely add $9,672 at resale as a result of this project for an 81% ROI. That’s based on findings from HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Survey for Q1 2020, featuring agent estimations from across the country. That should answer the “Does replacing windows increase home value?”, but if you’re still not sure, then read on!

How will you know if your windows need attention? You can check for the below signs of aging:

  • Draftiness and higher energy bills.

If your windows sit out of plumb or the curtains move when the windows are closed, you’re letting in a draft. According to, air leaks in your windows can make your heating and cooling bills 10%-20% more expensive.

  • Warping or visible rot.

Notice bending, discoloration, or softness in your window sashes or frames? The culprit is moisture where it shouldn’t be. At this point, your windows are ready for repair or replacement.

  • Window stickiness.

Hopefully, you haven’t painted any windows shut. If not, sticky windows are likely a warping issue due to the wet weather.

  • Condensation or moisture between panes.

When moisture builds up between your double-pane windows, that’s allowing that condensation to build on the inner side of the outside pane.

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So, does replacing windows increase home value? We know that new windows will keep the weather outside where it belongs, pay for themselves over time by lowering energy costs, and in turn, add value to your home.

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