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Are Triple-Pane Windows a Gimmick?

Apr 12, 2023 | Replacement Windows

Are Triple-Pane Windows a Gimmick? Actually, no, triple-pane windows are not a gimmick. They are a very real and effective solution for improving energy efficiency, reducing noise pollution, and increasing the overall comfort of a building.

Constructing triple-pane windows with three layers of glass instead of the traditional two layers in double-pane windows provides an extra barrier to heat transfer. Triple-pane windows can help to reduce heating and cooling costs. In addition, the extra layer of glass can also help to reduce noise pollution from outside making the interior of a building more peaceful and comfortable.

While triple-pane windows are more expensive than their double-pane counterparts, they can provide significant long–term savings by reducing energy costs and improving the overall comfort of a building. So, if you want an answer to the question “Are Triple-Pane Windows a Gimmick?” and you are looking for a window solution that can provide improved energy efficiency and comfort, triple-pane windows are definitely worth considering.

The Family Handyman says “…the investment may be worth the cost in terms of comfort. Triple glazing will reduce condensation, which will allow you to maintain a higher indoor relative humidity in cold weather. These windows also reduce cold drafts. If you don’t want to pay for triple-pane windows throughout the house, get them for the north- and east-facing rooms, where you’ll get the biggest payoff.”

Are Triple-Pane Windows a Gimmick

According to Pennsylvania State University, only 2% of homes in the United States are equipped with triple-pane windows. So, this year, they are a rare commodity. However, these windows do have their pros, especially for people looking to get industry-leading energy savings and better noise reduction, to name a few. They were invented right around the same time double-pane windows came around.

Do you live somewhere up north with an extreme, unforgiving climate? Or maybe you reside in an area with a hot and humid climate? In any case, triple-pane windows will be your best bet. The reason is they can reflect up to 97% of energy—only 3% will leak through. That means on a cold winter day, these windows will serve as a brick wall, blocking the cold air while keeping the precious hot air in.

On a hot day, your AC’s efforts won’t go to waste, as, again, only 3% of the inside energy/air will escape through the triple-pane windows. The heat, in turn, won’t turn your house/apartment into one big oven—also a big pro. High resistance to condensation will be part of the deal as well. And one more thing: triple-pane windows save 2-3% on the energy bill per year. Both of those benefits of triple-pane windows may weigh heavily in Austin.

Hopefully, the above has answered the “Are Triple-Pane Windows a Gimmick?” question for you. If not, send us a note through this site and we can explain more of what makes them a good choice for your home!

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