Vinyl & Aluminum Windows

Don Young Windows

Energy Efficient Vinyl & Aluminum Windows in Austin, TX. Our goal as a window replacement company is to make the most energy-efficient, easy to clean, durable, and maintenance-free windows possible. Don Young Windows have thick aluminum walls that provide the best choice for strength and durability. The baked-on enamel paint finish makes these windows tough enough to stand up against the harshest of Summers and the coldest of Winters.

​No need to worry about painting these aluminum windows. Best of all, a superior insulated glass system that provides optimum energy performance and outside noise control. We can also offer an optional solar control glass that offers UV protection against the scorching Austin Summer heat. All Don Young windows are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Some of our competitors get bent out of shape when we suggest their windows and doors can’t compete with our products and prices. Our window sill section is substantially stronger than most windows on the market today, a feature that is especially important in supporting heavy insulated glass..

Aluminum Replacement Windows Comparison

Aluminum windows are 3.4 times stronger than vinyl windows and 43 times stronger than wood windows.

An ultra-efficient insulated barrier used in frames and sashes dramatically reduces HEAT and COLD transfer through the aluminum, making it an exceptional insulator like wood and vinyl, but with the added durability of aluminum.

Austin Replacement Windows - photo by Don Young

Don Young Single-Hung Aluminum Windows

Our high-efficiency series represents the best in energy efficiency and low maintenance for your home. Since more than 30% of your energy bill can literally go right out the window, a tremendous amount of time has gone into designing this window for maximum energy efficiency and low maintenance-resulting in a quality window that exceeds the performance of other typical aluminum windows on the market today. Strong, rigid, and durable, our thermally improved aluminum windows will give you a long-term trouble-free performance.

Design Benefits

  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum – 20% more than most builder grade windows-this ensures structural integrity even on the largest of windows.
  • Interior Aluminum Glazing Bead makes it impossible to remove the glass from the outside to gain entry. A good security feature.
  • Child-safe tilt latches prevent children from accidentally tilting in operating sashes-also allows for easy cleaning.
  • Adjustable self-lubricant spiral balances with color coordinate cover ensure years of trouble-free operation.
  • Electrostatically applied paint – a superior paint finish that bounds to the aluminum for a hard smooth finish – available in white, bronze, and almond.

Energy Benefits

  • 100% thermally improved sash and frames separated by high-density polyurethane – greatly reduces heat and cold transfer through the aluminum, significantly more thermally efficient than non thermally improved aluminum.
  • “Energy Seal” weather-stripping allows us to have one of the lowest air filtration ratings in the industry – over 70% more airtight than industry standards. This means no drafts, less dust, and less energy loss for your home.
  • Swiggle Seal technology used in manufacturing insulated glass is a reinforced polymer with a very low thermal conductivity. This means reduced heat and cold transfer through the edge of the glass unit.

Don Young Double-Hung Aluminum Windows

Our goal is to provide the most energy-efficient windows that are also easy to clean, durable, and maintenance-free. Don Young double-hung windows are constructed of thick aluminum walls that provide the best choice for strength and durability. These replacement windows also have a durable coat and paint finish tough enough for all seasons, helping to keep your home cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter.


  • 7⁄8” insulated glass provides year-round energy savings and an excellent sound barrier to outside noise.
  • Wrap-around marine glazing blocks out cold air and water infiltration and is easily replaced in the event of glass breakage.
  • Both window sashes can ventilate or tilt in for safe and convenient cleaning from inside your home. No need to clean from dangerous ladders.
  • Interlocking meeting rails for a tighter seal and added security.
  • Double Finseal Weather-stripping virtually eliminates air, dust, and water from entering your home.
  • Metal spiral balances for dependable smooth trouble-free operation.
  • Child-resistant tilt-in latches for added window safety.
  • Electrostatic baked-on paint for a tough, durable smooth finish.
  • Polyurethane thermally insulated sash and frame dramatically reduce heat and cold transfer. Helps minimize condensation.

Don Young Storm Window System

​Don Young Company Storm Windows offer the homeowner a viable alternative in thermally efficient window products that can save substantial heating and cooling cost. Our storm windows help reduce air, dust, and pollen infiltration and also are effective on outside sound control. They are easily installed on older and newer homes and they are custom built to each opening. The dual durometer vinyl “thermal break” reduces the conduction of heat and cold. We use durable environmentally friendly power coat finishes on our painted windows.


  • ​“Offset Design” built into the main frame provides extra clearance from the primary window and additional dead air space for more insulation and easier access for the operation of sashes.
  • ​Self-sealing “dual durometer vinyl thermal-break” around the perimeter flange aids in reducing the conduction of heat and cold.
  • ​Hollow extruded frame with mitered, sealed corners is fastened with two screws on each corner for structural stability.
  • ​“Marine glazing” wraps around the glass for a positive barrier against air and water infiltration.
  • ​Patented ALLER-GUARD 100® with Microban® weather stripping for additional protection against mold, mildew, and pollen infiltration. The weather strip has double mylar fins on the full perimeter of all main frame tracks and is silicone impregnated for smooth operation and includes a UV stabilizer.
  • ​“Spring loaded” forced entry resistant metal sash locks ensure a positive lock on all glass and screen inserts.
  • ​“Mechanical interlocking meeting rails” combined with top and bottom wind deflectors help eliminate rattles, dust, pollen, and excessive air infiltration.
  • ​“Nylon corner-key tilt pins” on sash insert corners reduce the friction of moving parts and assure quiet effortless operation.
  • ​A hollow tubular frame provides extra strength and prevents the twisting of windows.
  • ​Extremely low air infiltration rates.
  • ​DYC storm windows use environmentally friendly VOC-free powder coat finishes and are also available in mill finish.

Don Young Aluminum Casement Windows

Don Young Company aluminum casement windows are not only beautiful but these replacement windows are constructed for maximum ventilation and daylight. Their unobstructed view makes these casement windows the perfect choice for sun rooms and other sensitive applications. The beveled aluminum frame design is aesthetically pleasing for all types of window installations. Three layers of weather-stripping make this an exceptionally high-performance casement window for your remodeling or new construction project.

The beautiful new DYC thermally-broken aluminum casement window is the perfect window where maximum ventilation and daylight are a priority. Its unobstructed view makes this the perfect choice for sunrooms and egress-sensitive applications. The beveled-faced design is aesthetically pleasing for all types of installations. Three layers of weather-stripping make this an exceptionally high-performance window for your remodeling or new construction project.

Don Young Classic Vinyl Single-Hung Windows

The Don Young Company Classic Single-Hung Vinyl Window series welded window system includes a single hung and companion single slider, 3-lite slider, and picture window all featuring a uniform frame appearance, offering consistency in every elevation in your home. Architectural shapes are also available. This series offers a slimmer profile, unlike older bulky vinyl frames. This new window system is made to order and has built-in custom and standard sizes and shapes for both replacement and new construction applications.


  • Exterior bevel with sloped sill design for beauty and maximum water runoff
  • Fusion welded frame and sash provide a secure barrier to air and water penetration improving the strength and integrity of the window
  • Our locally extruded vinyl uses the maximum amount of TiO² to ensure proper weathering in harsh climates
  • Double wall frame for better stability
  • Strong composite sweep lock that passes forced entry requirements
  • Interlocking meeting rail for added security and resistance to infiltration
  • Premium Eco-Ban dual weather stripping seals out dust, air, pollens, and resists molds and mildew
  • DP-50 rated for structural performance
  • Patented constant force coil balance system for effortless and maintenance-free operation of sash plus improved egress
  • Tilt-In sash for easy cleaning from inside your home
  • ¾” overall Insulated Glass with double strength glass is standard
  • High-performance Duralite™ butyl spacer reduces condensation and improves U-factor
  • Bettervue® improved visibility screen is standard allowing 20% more airflow and better insect protection

Don Young Double Hung Sunshield™ Vinyl Windows

The Don Young Company Double Hung Sunshield™ Vinyl Window is the ultimate in beauty, efficiency, and strength. It is designed to enhance your home’s appeal while increasing its comfort level. The beauty of a chic, new, soft curved welded sash design and the unique cove mold look of the welded master frame offers a more traditional wood window interior and exterior appearance.


  • SunShield® Vinyl is an advanced patented compound designed for tough southern exposures.
  • Fusion Welded Window Frame and Sash provide an impenetrable barrier to air and water penetration and the utmost in strength and integrity.
  • Sloped Window Sill provides a strong structural slope for maximum water runoff, even in driving rain.
  • Heavy-Wall Construction for maximum support and strength.
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail for added security and resistance to infiltration.
  • Die-cast cam-action lock and keeper with vent latches have passed ASTM F 588 Forced Entry Resistance Standard.
  • Patented Coil Balance system featuring constant force for effortless and maintenance-free operation of the sash.
  • Tilt-in Window Sash for easy cleaning from inside your home.
  • Patented butyl spacer with Guardian’s ClimaGuard RLE Low E Glass is standard.