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Apr 7, 2023 | Replacement Windows

When replacing an Austin Window, do you think of Energywise Windows? Energywise installs Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows in Austin! It’s what we do. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones is the only improvement you can make that gives your home a facelift on ​the inside and outside AND saves you money on your home’s utility costs.

Austin Window

Staying cool during the summer sizzle without heading to Mexico or warm in winter storms without heading to Hawaii can be difficult, especially when your windows aren’t up to par. Old windows will actually cost you money by leaking through cracks, broken seals, and outdated single-pane glass. New Austin window replacements that are energy efficient will keep the weather outside where it belongs and magnify the savings over time by lowering energy costs and adding value to your home.

How Can You Tell If You Need New Windows?

  • Draftiness and higher energy bills.

If your windows sit out of plumb or the curtains move when the windows are closed, you’re letting in a draft. According to, air leaks in your Austin window can make your heating and cooling bills 10%-20% more expensive.

  • Warping or visible rot.

Notice bending, discoloration, or softness in your window sashes or frames? The culprit is moisture where it shouldn’t be. At this point, your windows are ready for repair or replacement.

  • Window stickiness.

Hopefully, you haven’t painted any windows shut. If not, sticky windows are likely a warping issue due to the wet weather.

  • Condensation or moisture between panes.

Moisture can build up between your double-pane windows, allowing condensation to build on the inner side of the outside pane.

Here’s what Donna Jones said about the replacement windows we installed:

Energywise replaced our windows when we remodeled our home. I recall being very happy working with Greg. He was straightforward and helpful, and our windows were installed by great guys without any delays or surprises. Ten years later, the windows are still as clear and beautiful as when installed. When I recently noticed that I could no longer open one of my family room windows more than a couple of inches, I rummaged through our old remodel folder and called Energywise. It’s been 10 years, but Greg was out the very next morning and had my window working in a few minutes. I would definitely work with Energywise in the future!

Get a FREE Estimate on Austin Window Replacement from Energywise!

Energywise owner, Greg Ginther, will come to your home and discuss the best replacement window options for your situation. He aims to provide the best customer service possible and save you money on replacement windows and energy bills for years. Just fill out the form on our website, and he’ll be in touch to schedule your consultation to provide your FREE Estimate!

New windows will keep the weather outside where it belongs and pay for themselves over time by lowering energy costs and adding value to your home.

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