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Apr 28, 2023 | Replacement Windows

We had a party in Austin and during a game of Trivia, we were asked to generate jokes about New Windows Austin. Severely challenged, we didn’t think we could come up with anything particularly funny about our favorite city in Texas. Well here goes.

  • Did you hear about the new windows Austin? They are so clear that you can see the future.
  • If you are looking for a window of opportunity in Austin, the new windows just might be it.
  • Austin”s new windows are so energy efficient, they are practically doing the electric slide on their own.
  • I heard the new windows in Austin are so strong they could withstand a Texas-sized tornado.
  • Forget about keeping up with the Joneses, with new windows Austin, you will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.
  • If you think that the music scene in Austin is impressive, just wait until you see the new windows, they really know how to make a pane sing.
  • The new windows in Austin are like a breath of fresh air-or you know, a breath of air that has been filtered through high-quality glass.
  • Why did the homeowner in Austin install new windows? Because they wanted to see the light and maybe a few squirrels.
  • I don’t always need new windows but when I do, I prefer them from Energywise Windows.
  • Bill Gates meets Arnold Schwarzenneger at a party and asks him if he’s upgraded to Windows 10 yet. Big Arnie replies…….”Ah still love Vista Baby…..”
  • Checking in for a flight, I was asked “Window or Aisle?” I said, “Window or you’ll do what?”
  • What’s another name for a tired window shade? A yawning
  •  We driving by the prison the other night when I saw a midget climbing down from a window. I said to myself, that’s a little condescending
  • What do you call two men standing next to your window? Curt and Rod.
  • A few days ago, my next-door neighbor’s glass fell out of the window frame in the living room. A company was called to replace the glass. It happened again, two days later, so the company replaced it. My neighbor asked why it was happening, and the company told him that it was happening a lot in the area and that a local animal was eating the putty we used to hold in the glass. My neighbor asked him what kind of an animal could possibly do that. He said that the animal was a cat…a putty cat.

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Greg’s background is in customer service, and he does everything he can to ensure you are 100% satisfied. For example, new windows will keep the weather outside where it belongs and pay for themselves over time by lowering energy costs and adding value to our home.

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