American Made Windows

MI Windows

Proudly Made in the USA ​Since 1947, MI Windows and Doors, LLC (MI) proudly manufactures its windows and doors in plants located across the USA, employing thousands of hardworking Americans to assemble millions of products annually. We use only high-quality components in the manufacture of our windows and doors, and all or virtually all the components used within our vinyl windows and doors originate in the USA.

No Outsourcing

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published rules establishing when a company may rightfully claim that its products are “Made in the USA.” Like you, we value products that are “Made in the USA.” With only a single exception, all of MI’s vinyl windows and doors are “Made in the USA.”


MI is committed to doing what it can to help our country grow and prosper. One of the most important ways is to build our products in the USA employing Americans in the process. We are proud to be able to say, without exception, that all our windows and doors are assembled in the USA.


There’s so much that goes on behind our windows to ensure a positive experience for homeowners, our professional partners, and our team members — from the relationships we build to our relentless attention to detail and state-of-the-art facilities.

Austin Replacement Single-Hung Windows - illustration

Single Hung Windows

The lower panels slide up vertically to allow for ventilation. These are the most economical windows for your home.

Austin Replacement Double-Hung Windows - illustration

Double Hung Windows

Both panels slide vertically to allow for cleaning and ventilation. Provides the most traditional look for your home.

Austin Replacement Casement Windows - illustration

Casement Windows

Casements windows are hinged on one side and typically crank open. They work for traditional, modern, and eclectic homes.