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Old Windows for Sale

Jan 30, 2023 | Replacement Windows, Wood Windows

If you’re going to sell your house, why on earth would you advertise – through images of your home – old windows for sale? You immediately inform potential buyers that staying cool during the summer heat or warm in winter storms can be difficult, especially when their windows aren’t up to par. Do you want to inform buyers that old windows will cost them money by leaking air through cracks, broken seals, and outdated single-pane glass?

Why not install replacement windows that are energy efficient, will keep the weather outside where it belongs, and pay for themselves over time by lowering energy costs and adding value to your home? By installing energy-efficient windows and then listing your old windows for sale, you can position yourself for a faster sale and increased market value.

Old Windows for Sale

Just pay for your replacement windows by cash or check* and then mention the “Pay it Forward” Campaign to receive a donation check for your favorite nonprofit or charity in your name.

​*This offer is not available when paying by credit card, nor is it available in conjunction with any other Energywise or manufacturer’s offers.

Just so you know, there exists a “​Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency,” where you can claim $200 for energy-efficient windows and/or $500 for energy-efficient doors. Ask your CPA or Accountant for more details.

Energywise Windows

The sincerest form of flattery is a review of our work. Lorri Haden wrote us on March 4, 2022:

Energywise Windows replaced 8 old windows (7 of them aluminum, installed in the 1950s) in our house, and we couldn’t be more delighted. The installation crew was prompt, worked quickly, and cleaned up thoroughly. Someone else came after installation to clean the windows. The windows are high-quality, look absolutely beautiful, and the price was actually less than I was expecting. Thank you, Energywise Windows!”

Energywise is proud to sell and install replacement window products (so you can list your old windows for sale!) from the following reputable companies.

Don Young Windows

Energy-Efficient Vinyl & Aluminum ​Windows

Our goal as a window replacement company is to make the most energy-efficient, easy-to-clean, durable, and maintenance-free windows possible. ​No need to worry about painting these aluminum windows. Best of all, a superior insulated glass system that provides optimum energy performance and outside noise control. We can also offer an optional solar control glass that offers UV protection against the scorching Austin Summer heat. All Don Young windows are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Great Lakes Windows

Great Lakes Vinyl Windows ​and Patio Doors

High-performance vinyl replacement windows and patio doors, that save money and protect the environment, are hand-crafted to specifically fit your home in Austin TX. With the variety of window styles that Great Lakes Windows offer, we can fit any window necessary for your home. Once you’ve decided on your favorite window styles, you can personalize them with the many combinations available to you, including insulation, glass pack, colors, grilles, and hardware – all of which meet your unique needs. Unsure of what style best fits your home? Contact us for help finding the right windows for you!

MI Windows

Since 1947, Proudly Made in the USA

Choosing the right window is easy with the right guidance. Our crystal clear selection process helps ensure you get the best windows for your home’s style and geographic location. We employ thousands of hardworking Americans to assemble millions of products annually. We use only high-quality components in the manufacture of our windows and doors, and all or virtually all the components used within our vinyl windows and doors originate in the USA.

There is a Reason We Are Ranked #1

When you call Energywise Windows at 512-775-2342, you get Greg Ginther – Owner of Energywise Windows + Doors. He will personally come to your home to consult with you about which replacement window options are best for your situation and what you might get when you list your old windows for sale. His primary goal is to save you money. Really!

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